The Stephanie Labbé Excellence Fund will provide grants for registration fees and equipment to children from low income families who are playing recreational and club-level sport in the TRI-Region communities of Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County. 

There is a gap in support for these children, who are beginning to develop and excel beyond the recreational level, and I want to bridge this gap to their further development. I know first-hand the financial demands placed on a family when a child begins to excel in their sport, and I feel it is important that no child be denied an opportunity due to financial barriers. Playing organized club sports provided me with so many life lessons, including communication, teamwork and goal-setting. Sport has given me confidence and self-belief, and I want to grow the number of kids in competitive sports so all can experience these benefits.

Secondary Vision:

Within 3-5 years: Develop a scholarship program, whereby two athletes, who have shown excellence both on the athletic field and in the classroom, will receive a 3-year grant to support them in their pursuance of elite sport. This scholarship will target teenaged athletes who, with financial support, will be able to take the steps to reach provincial and national levels.

By 2024: Build an outdoor public access soccer field/court with boards in the Tri-Region Community. This would be open to all children, no bookings required. It would be a place for kids to come, be curious, meet new friends, and dream big, because every child deserves the opportunity to dream. 

Any donation helps, in any amount.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated. 

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If you are interested in being an official sponsor of the Stephanie Labbé Excellence Fund please contact via the contact page for more information.

The Stephanie Labbé Excellence Fund will work in cooperation with Kidsport Parkland, but will have its own sector of funding – no funds will be taken away from the kids already supported by KidSport Parkland, and every dollar donated will go directly to families.  

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Thank you very much for your consideration.


Stephanie Labbé, 
Founder of Stephanie Labbé Excellence Fund