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Final Preparations!

Final match before the big show!!!

Tonight we play our final prep game vs England at Tim Horton’s Field in Hamilton, ON. It’s our last send off game which is sure to be an exciting one! We “moved” into Hamilton yesterday morning from downtown Toronto so that we could get in a training session on the pitch before our game, and avoid any traffic or travel difficulties on game day. Yesterday’s training went well, it was lighter with a good warm up, some technical work, some tactical clean ups based on our strategies for this game, and finishing off with some time to work on whatever we as individuals feel we need before the game. As per FIFA regulations, when you train on the game field the day before a game, you are only allowed to be on the pitch for 60 minutes. It’s extremely strict so from the minute we step on the field, so it has to be focused and quality work.

Post training we checked out our locker room for the game, did an ice-bath for recovery, which is just as bad as it sounds, then boarded the bus back to the hotel. After dinner and some individual meetings to go over any last information for the game it was off to sleep to get a good rest in.

I woke up today with a positive energy, not only because game days are the best days, but anytime we get to play in Canada is something so special that it just brings about this happiness and excitement inside me that I can’t contain! The morning had some scattered meetings for the groups that didn’t get theirs in last night, and some work in the gym for the players not available for tonight’s game for minor tweaks or precautions. Now after lunch it’s a nice down-time window for most of the girls to just relax and get in a nap. I’m not much of a napper on game days, of course if I really need it I will take it. But for the most part I enjoy just relaxing, putting my feet up, or getting some treatment. It’s all about doing whatever I can to build up my bank of energy, conserving it, and fuelling myself to the best of my ability.

After our rest period, we will have a team pre-game meeting, a pre-game meal then it’s onto the bus for the stadium! I am so excited to see a full stadium, all dressed in red and cheering loud and proud to help give us the energy and fuel us with passion to get the performance today. I hope our fans and supporters know how important they are to us, and how much we use their energy in our games. We are an extremely tight group, and we have each other’s backs through thick and thin, but when adversity hits, and we face the unpredictables, it’s the crowd that can really make a difference and help us. YOU will be the difference maker this World Cup, and we all can’t wait to get the first taste of that tonight!

Be LOUD, Be PROUD, and Be CanadaRED!

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